Hello! I'm Melissa. I live in Canada with my husband and 3 adorable little boys. My husband and I previously wrote a blog, Living Beautifully DIY, which began as a journal of our home reno and DIY projects, but soon blossomed into something more. After 4 years of writing that blog we stopped to focus on our family, but I truly missed that creative space of sharing our projects and connecting with all of you. Thus, a new blog (Melissa Braedley) was born.

I have a true love of home d├ęcor and decorating spaces. Much of the projects that we do in our home focus on simplistic DIY's that you can do as well. We have a neutral vibe and try to keep a minimalistic home, which I look forward to sharing more of, with you. I will continue to share glimpses of our lives, focusing on honest motherhood, family and living simply.

I love chipwagon French fries, a good iced coffee, tackling new home projects, but the one thing I love most is being a mom. I love connecting with other moms through this platform, and I feel that sharing all aspects of motherhood, the good, the challenging, all of it, is important.

I hope to keep my posts informative, useful, relatable and honest. You'll find me frequently posting on Instagram, but from time to time, when a post gets too lengthy or I want to share more with you, I'll be posting on the blog.

I truly look forward to connecting with all of you and sharing bits and pieces of our lives.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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